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The Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show

Apr 2, 2019

As female entrepreneurs grow their business, there will be more and more of an opportunity to communicate and present their story (either on videos or to the media or in front of people). Katy Temple of Katy Temple Media Coaching likes to help fempreneurs be the best and most authentic version of themselves in these various areas. Confidence is key as an entrepreneur! Strong on-camera skills can help you bolster your brand and confidence!
Katy’s number one tip is to “Be vulnerable enough and open enough to learn about what you can improve upon and then practice it until you can't practice anymore.” 

In this episode, we learn 3 ways to be more confident on camera.

Know who your audience is and how much time you have. Be knowledgeable about who you are speaking to and be aware the time you are given to speak to them.
Craft your message: know your top 3 points and how impactful you want to be towards your identified audience.
Practice! Practice is key: practice by yourself or to a piece a furniture. The more you practice the better your delivery will be.