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The Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show

Mar 17, 2020

The best way to show up in your community as a business owner or entrepreneur is to authentically be yourself. Confidence in one’s self is key for success. Kimberly Patek, Founder of San Diego, Drama Kids shares on the Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show , tips and tricks on how you can exude confidence as an entrepreneur, whether you are speaking on stage or at a networking event. She and her daughter created Drama Kids San Diego to equip students (ages 3-17) with life skills to overcome public speaking. As a women business owner herself, Kimberly applies what she teaches her students to the Fab Fempreneurs community. (Get ready to use your Oz voice!)


#1. Be Proactive Versus Reactive. Keeping the big picture in mind and not getting caught up in the day to day activities. Looking ahead (i.e. 90 days) and working backwards on timelines helps foresee conflicts, busy times and resources needed.

#2. Don't take things personally. Have a vision, always follow your intuition and know most people around you have GOOD intentions. Treat challenges with curiosity and take the time to come to a conclusion: a) was there something I could of done differently for a better outcome, b) is this challenge likely to reoccur (how much attention do I need to put into it) and c) is it my problem or perhaps something or someone just wasn't a good fit... move on.

#3. Invest more in growing your business and yourself... invest less in “stuff” or business. Start with basic tools and add things as you need it. Sometimes we learn about better things (or discounts) as we grow our business. At first introductions...listen more to others and talk some but less about your business. Be a good listener when around your clients and fellow entrepreneurs.