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The Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show

Feb 18, 2020

Time Management. You cringe at the thought of your daunting “to-do” lists and the amount of work that piles up because you can’t manage your time. It is the one thing we all have in common and fight so hard to be good at it. Time management is something you can master with the right mindset and tools. Kelly Nollan of Kelly Nollan LLC, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, is a time management expert who teaches business owners and women entrepreneurs how to make their calendars and schedule work effectively for them. As a lawyer, she had to learn to time manage fast with important deadlines, and used those systems in her business. She helps her clients create a game plan for their schedule, gain clarity and feel confident and intentional with their time. On the Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show, Kelly tells us how to reclaim your time and energy from your to-do list.