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The Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show

Nov 19, 2019

Sure you can do it all, but you can’t do it all without support from others- your tribe and/or followers. Ashlynn Cubbison is a rockstar serial woman entrepreneur: she owns 4 businesses! As a successful real estate agent, running a thriving online business and pool company with her husband, and now a published author, her new passion is teaching newer/start-up women entrepreneurs how to support others in business as a strategy for growth On this Fab Fempreneurs Podcast episode, Ashlynn shares her tips on how to evaluate your current relationships in business and how to further nurture your relationships with businesses you currently know or would like to. She shares that supporting others should be a priority: women are relational and want to feel connected. Once that is established, you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with other businesses. “It is important to build a relationship first, then collaborate,” she says.