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The Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show

Oct 1, 2019

As every business is different, so is everybody’s body. Finding the right “diet” or planning out your meals can be as daunting of a task like scaling your business. We know it is all about balance but how can we achieve that balance of feeling full, good, and healthy?

Katelyn Parsons, the founder of the Modern Girl Method, created a 3 phase natural weight release method that actually works! No dieting, counting calories or over exercising. Katelyn works with the modern career women, whether you are an entrepreneur or scaling the corporate ladder, she helps women develop healthy eating habits and claim back their freedom. The three phases include balancing blood sugar, regulating digestion, and shifting your mindset. Her method has been proven as sustainable and long-lasting. Her focus is to teach women how to understand your body, food, and how to eat for energy and joy. “The release comes into play when you tune into your natural body chemistry which will let go of weight easier,” Katleyn says. In this episode, Katelyn shares her personal journey on how she became interested in nutrition.
In this episode, she breaks down her Modern Girl Method, and shares how to tune in and reconnect with your body to feel more body confident.