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The Fab Fempreneurs Podcast Show

Feb 4, 2020

It used to be that “hustle and heart will set you apart” was the way to go when running your business. We’re not saying it's not good to hustle for what you want, but the hustle can lead to burning out. Learning to implement time to recharge and practice self-care in our schedule is often a common struggle for women entrepreneurs. Katie Burke of B Inspired, is a world-renowned yoga instructor and owner of B Inspired, a self-development company that helps people live an inspired life. She began her journey by working for nonprofits by selling a dream and asking for donations for different causes. After a bad break up, she fell into yoga teacher training and fell in love with the art and felt healed. She loved teaching others with instant gratification that she had made a difference in someone’s life in just one class. She now produces international yoga retreats and creates “mini-ventures” for her clients. In today’s episode, Katie teaches us important techniques to subtract to add for a more meaningful life.